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James Barker

 James Barker
Emeritus - Geologist, Perlite Specialist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796

(575) 835-6333 fax


  • MA–Geology with Geochemistry minor, 1972, University of California Santa Barbara
  • BS–Geology, 1969, University of California Los Angeles.
    Additional studies: Logistics


Senior Industrial Minerals Geologist & Section Head (Publications),
August 1998 to now, New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources—Industrial minerals research and public service, project and personnel management, operate Perlite Testing Laboratory, assist in computer and network operations. Supervise Publication Sales, Cartography, Editing and Digital Services (15 professionals).

Assistant Director,
May 1994 to July 1998, New Mexico Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources— Advise and represent the Director as needed. Administrative, budget, personnel and project management. Supervise Publications Office, Cartography, Editing and Computer Services (15 professionals).

Adjunct Faculty,
May 1990 to present, Earth & Environmental Science and Mineral & Environmental Engineering—Teach a two semester course (alternate years) on Industrial Minerals, Rocks and Materials that discusses geology, mining, processing, transportation and marketing. Attend faculty meetings and serve on thesis committees.

Senior Industrial Minerals Geologist,
May 1992 to July 1998, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources¾ Industrial minerals research and public service, project management, operate Perlite Testing Laboratory, assist in computer and network operations.

Industrial Minerals Geologist,
January 1983 to May 1992, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources—Research on industrial minerals of New Mexico, public service, manage Perlite Testing Laboratory.

September 1982 to January 1983, Utah International—Field mapping and geochemical sampling of Carlin-type gold terranes and lithium deposits.

Land and Acquisition Analyst,
June 1981 to September 1982, Phillips Petroleum Strategic Minerals—Evaluate domestic mineral lands, negotiate contracts, manage field office.

Chief Geologist,
November 1979 to June 1981, Wallaby Enterprises—Manage 20 consulting projects with staff of 30; business development, liaison on government contracts, project and personnel management.

Research Associate,
September 1978 to April 1980, The University of Arizona, Mineral Economics Department—Modeling of uranium ore bodies and exploration strategies.

Advanced Geologist,
March 1976 to September 1978, Duval Corp. (Pennzoil)—Project manager for domestic and international industrial minerals and sulfur exploration.

Geological Coordinator (acting Chief Geologist),
June 1973 to March 1976, Tenneco Mining—Directed minerals exploration by staff of 30; borate and industrial mineral exploration and development.

January 1974 to June 1974, Palomar College—Mineralogy, geology, and geography.

Engineering Geologist,
June 1972 to January 1974, Moore and Taber—Soil, landslide and slope stability analysis.

September 1972 to June 1973, Los Angeles Community Colleges—Taught geology, earth science, and oceanography.

Technical Expert (Marine Technology),
January 1971 to June 1972, Santa Barbara City College—Study impact cores of marine sediments from Santa Barbara Channel.

Specialties and Interests

  • Industrial minerals, rocks and materials
  • Industrial mineral transport
  • Industrial mineral marketing
  • Sustainable development

Honors & Awards

  • 2000 Honorary Member, New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS)
  • 1998 Distinguished Member, Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME)
  • 1993 Division Chair Award (Industrial Minerals Division, SME)
  • 1991 Robert W. Piekarz Award (Industrial Minerals Division, SME)
  • 1979-80 Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship (AIME)
  • 1968-69 Honors Program (UCLA)
  • 1968-69 California State Scholarship (UCLA)
  • 1967-68 Earth Science Award (East Los Angeles College)

Professional Societies and Service

  • 1998-00 NMGS Assistant Managing Editor, Fall Guidebook
  • 1999-00 SME IMD Service Award Committee
  • 1996-98 SME Board of Directors (Alternate)
  • SME Central New Mexico Section, Board of Directors
  • 1996 SME Strategic Plan Oversight Committee
  • SME Central New Mexico Section, Past Chairman
  • 1995-97 SME Mining Engineering Committee
  • SME Editorial Review Board, Editor-in-Chief Selection Committee
  • 1995 SME IMD Young Scientist Award Committee
  • SME IMD Membership Committee
  • SME Nominating Committee
  • SME Central New Mexico Section, Chairman
  • Forum 31st Forum on Geology of Industrial Minerals (Co-chair)
  • 1994-96 SME Board of Directors
  • -99 SME IMD Nominating Committee
  • -99 SME Central New Mexico Section, Executive Committee
  • 1994 SME IMD Past Division Chairman
  • SME Executive Director Search Committee
  • SME Central New Mexico Section, Program Chairman
  • 1993-01 SME IMD Henderson Scholarship Committee
  • -97 SME Hardinge Award Committee (Chairman 1996)
  • -95 SME MRMC IMD Representative
  • -94 NMGS Fall Field Conference (Co-Chair)
  • 1993 SME IMD Executive Committee (Chairman)
  • SME Strategic Plan Committee
  • 1992-99 NMGS Publication Committee Chairman
  • 1992 SME IMD Executive Committee (Chairman-elect)
  • 1991 NMGS Fall Field Conference, Editor and Co-chairman
  • SME IMD Executive Committee (Secretary Treasurer)
  • SME Chairman, Regional Topical Meetings Committee (Wetlands)
  • SME IMD Chairman, Silica Program
  • 1990 NMGS Spring Meeting, Co-chairman
  • NMGS Fall Field Conference, Logistics Chairman
  • SME IMD Program Chairman
  • 1989 NMGS Spring Meeting, Co-chairman
  • NMGS Fall Field Conference, Logistics Chairman
  • SME Technical Committee, (Chairman and Editor)
  • SME IMD, Regional Topical Meetings Committee
  • 1988 SME IMD, Chairman, Hazardous Waste Session
  • 1987-89 SME Educational Issues Committee
  • 1987 CMS Clay Mineral Society Registration Chairman., Annual Meeting
  • NMGS Spring Meeting, Co-chairman
  • 1986-89 SME Microcomputer Users Group Committee
  • 1984-87 SME Council of Education (Vice Chair, 1986; Chair, 1987)
  • 1983-88 SME Technical Committee
  • 1985-88 SME Continuing Education Committee (Vice Chair, 1986)
  • 1985 SME Field Trip Leader, Valles Caldera
  • 1984-87 SME Education Planning Committee
  • 1984-87 SME SME-AIME Educators Forum
  • 1984-85 SME Planning Committee, SME-AIME Meetings (Albuquerque)
  • 1984-85 SME Field Trip Leader, Perlite Session Chairman, SME-AIME
  • 1984 SME Symposium Chairman & Editor, "Borates, Economic Geology & Production"
  • 1983-96 GSA Campus Representative
  • 1983-85 SME Chairman, Mineral Recovery, Symposium "Salts and Brines '85"
  • 1979-82 SME Career Guidance Committee, SME-AIME
  • 1979-81 SME Editor, Chemical Raw Materials, Ann. Review
  • 1979-80 SME IMD Executive Committee
  • 1979 SME Co-chair, Natural Zeolites Symposium, Fall Meeting
  • 1976 SME Co-leader, Death Valley Borates, Annual Meeting