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Amanda Doherty

 Amanda Doherty
Hydrogeologist/GIS Specialist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(575) 835-6333 fax

I am a Hydrogeologist/GIS specialist with a background in aqueous geochemistry and geochemical modeling. I principally work within the Aquifer Mapping Program creating 3D Hydrogeologic Framework models. This project is part of an ongoing effort to produce high quality 3D Hydrogeologic subsurface maps of the entire state. My current projects include the Delaware Basin (southeastern NM), Central High Plains in (east central NM) and Rio Rancho (central NM).

This past year I also worked to support the Bureau’s Climate and Water Science Advisory Panel project.


  • M.S. Geology, Colorado State University, in progress (expected completion -2022)
    Thesis: Geochemical Modeling of Rock Water Interaction for Aquifer Storage Recovery Feasibility: Colorado Front Range
  • B.S. Geology, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2014
    Thesis: Microbial bioerosion of the land snail Poecilozonites sp. on Bermuda: implications for calcium carbonate degradation


New Mexico Geological Society - 2021- present