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Luke Martin

 Luke Martin
Luke and Finn at Gulfoss
Petroleum Geologist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(575) 835-6333 fax

For the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, I currently serve as a senior petroleum geologist within the oil and gas program. Through research, education, and data management, my work contributes to the geological understanding of petroleum systems within New Mexico. Together with the staff of the NMBGMR oil and gas program, I also manage the New Mexico Subsurface Data, Core, and Cuttings Libraries.

For the first 10+ years of my career, I worked in research, exploration, and development at major, independent, and private oil and gas companies. I have experience throughout the United States in many aspects of the industry including prospect evaluation, well site operations, and the application of horizontal drilling to oil and gas fields.

(See Curriculum Vitae)


Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
Master of Science, August 2005
Major: Geology
Thesis: Miocene stratigraphy and sedimentology in Longwell Ridges area and implications for extension, Lake Mead region, Nevada

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
Bachelor of Science, August 2002
Major: Geology