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Magmatic Crystallization

My research into crystallization processes in magma chambers has involved investigation of both natural and artificial magmatic systems. Artifical magmas, such as those produced by "In-Situ Vitrification" allow a unique window into the crystallization processes of magma, as does investigation of crystals forming in the active lava lake of Mount Erebus, Antarctica


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  2. DUNBAR, N.W., JACOBS, G.K. AND NANEY, M.T., 1995. Crystallization processes in an artificial magma: variations in crystal shape, growth rate and composition with melt cooling history. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 120, 412-425. ABSTRACT
  3. JACOBS, G.K., DUNBAR, N.W., NANEY, M.T., and WILLIAMS, R.T., 1992. In Situ Vitrification: Observations of petrological processes in a man-made magmatic system. EOS, Trans. AGU, 73, 401-411.

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