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KRWG Story Highlights Groundwater Monitoring, Data Collection

Ethan Mamer measures the depth-to-water in a well near Aztec, New Mexico.
(click for a larger version)

— July 2, 2021

A story produced by KRWG Public Media at New Mexico State University featured New Mexico Bureau of Geology Hydrogeologist Ethan Mamer and Associate Director for Hydrogeology Programs Stacy Timmons, who discussed a number of programs at the Bureau aimed at gathering water data.

The story highlighted the importance of monitoring water levels in wells year after year to identify water level declines that might severely impact water availability, particularly for rural communities who may be dependent on a single well and for domestic wells. The Bureau measures wells through the statewide Healy Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network at no cost to the well owner.

The video also featured a new app developed by Bureau Research Scientist Dr. Jake Ross that allows well owners to report when their well has gone dry. This helps scientists and decision-makers identify regions that may be in trouble due to declining groundwater and plan accordingly. This project is part of the larger Water Data Act (NMSA 1978, § 72-4B), a state law that supports the integration of water data collected in different forms by New Mexican agencies into one cohesive platform that is accessible digitally to the public. Learn more about the Water Data Act at