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Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past # 3
Roswell–Ruidoso–Valley of Fires, including trips to Lincoln, Tularosa, and Bottomless Lakes State Park


By J. E. Allen and F. E. Kottlowski, 1968, revised 1981 (3rd edition), 96 pp., 3 tables, 95 figs., geologic map in back pocket.

High mountain ranges and alpine meadows strike a contrast with semiarid cactus-covered plains and dry arroyo beds as this handbook guides the visitor on seven tours to the west and east of Roswell in the Pecos Valley of southeast New Mexico. These revised scenic trip road logs and their des- criptions of the geology, history, and scenery cover the main routes from Roswell westward through Hondo, Lincoln (site of the Lincoln County Wars), Capitan, and Carrizozo, to the Valley of Fires State Park; then south along the flanks of towering Sierra Blanca through Nogal to Ruidoso, Mescalero, and Tularosa; and eastward past Ruidoso Downs returning to Roswell. An eastern side trip is to Bottomless Lakes State Park. Routes one and two lead west into the Lincoln National Forest and Capitan Mountains to Ruidoso. Trip three follows the Rio Bonito valley up through historic Lincoln, famous for the Lincoln County cattle war and the exploits of Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett. Farther west, near Capitan, is Smokey Bear State Park and a historic marker honor-ing the rescue of the famous bear cub from a forest fire in Capitan Gap in 1950. This trip terminates at Valley of Fires State Park and the barren lava flow that remains as a stark reminder of the birth of the volcanic Little Black Peak only a thousand years ago. Road logs five and six include the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation and the Sierra Blanca ski resort with its spectacular tram ride and view from this southernmost peak in the United States. The last trip east of Roswell to Bottomless Lakes State Park features crystal-clear lakes for swimming, boating, and fishing.Roswell–Ruidoso–Valley of Fires, including trips to Lincoln, Tularosa, and Bottomless Lakes State Park.

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