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Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past # 7
High Plains, Northeastern New Mexico — Raton-Capulin Mountain-Clayton


By W. R. Muehlberger, B. Baldwin, and R. W. Foster, third edition, 1967, 107 p.

Four road logs guide the visitor through remarkable geological areas of rolling grasslands, deep canyons, volcanic peaks, and towering mesas in the northeast corner of the state. Included are a route map showing the distribution of volcanic rocks, a glossary, a brief geologic history of the area, a detailed discussion of the recent volcanic history, and brief historical sketches of towns along the way and the famous Santa Fe Trail (with wagon-wheel ruts still visible along the tour route). One log includes the dry Cimarron Canyon - the discovery site of the Folsom point; another features the high Johnson Mesa with its spectacular springtime display of lupines.

This out-of-print book has been superseded by Scenic Trip 19.

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Superseded by Scenic Trip 19
This publication is out-of-print. It is available on CD or DVD-ROM.
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