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Smithsonite Ornament

cover image

This shiny ornament has an image of smithsonite from the Kelly Mine in Magdalena. It will look great on your tree!

Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate (ZnCO3) that occurs in a variety of colors, the most famous of which is the 'Kelly Blue' variety. The Kelly Mine is one of several mines in the Magdalena mining district, located in Socorro County, New Mexico.

Ore was discovered in the district in 1866, with early production of mainly lead and smaller amounts of silver. Copper became an important metal around 1900. Zinc carbonate ores (smithsonite) were recognized and expoited around 1903. Zinc was the most important metal mined from the district after that time. Complex sulfide ores became the mining staple of the district after 1908. Mining continued into the 1960s, but the Kelly headframe still stands today.

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