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Bulletin 105—Annotated bibliography of Grants uranium region, New Mexico

By F. A. Schilling, Jr., 1975, 69 pp, 1 index.

This bibliography lists selected papers pertaining to the geology of the Grants uranium region. The work comprises a bibliography of 319 citations with annotations and a subject index. Citations are listed in alphabetical and numerical order. An annotation, in smaller type, follows each citation. If the publication has illustrations, they are included as part of the annotation. The index has 10 main categories, several of which are further divided; an explanation appears at the beginning of the index.

This bibliography treats material published during the period 1950–1972. A few pre-1950 studies are included because of their pertinence to regional geology. Generally excluded are dissertations and open-file reports. Trace-element studies of the USGS are excluded because these reports are not intended for general use.

Criteria used for selecting publications for this bibliography are: 1) specific application to the geology of the Grants uranium region, and 2) relevance to uranium mineralization of the region. Ordinarily, publications were excluded if they did not cover features of relations of the region or the immediate neighboring areas. For example: a study of Morrison Formation is included because of specific mention of the formation in the region; a study of distribution of elements in uranium host rocks of the Colorado Plateau is included because of specific mention of Grants localities or relations; and publications of laboratory investigations are included where some of the analyzed samples were obtained from the grants region.

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