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Circular 11—Reconnaissance Survey of the Headstone Mining District, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

By T. D. Benjovsky, 1945, 10 pp., 1 sheet.

Looking ahead to a probable post-war revival of gold mining in New Mexico and the need for information on the state's gold districts, the NM Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources has undertaken the examination of some of the most promising former gold-producing areas. After considering the history and records of many of these areas, it was decided to give first attention to the Headstone district in northeastern Rio Arriba County. First authorized by A. D. Hahn, formerly Acting Director of the Bureau, the project resulted in the present report and map, which have been made general rather than detailed and cover only the more promising part of the district.

Field work was carried on during July and August 1945. The surveying and preparation of the map were done by E. L. and A. Murusky, under the general direction of T. D. Benjovsky. The area considered in this report includes the main part of the Headstone mining district and consists of most of northeastern Rio Arriba County, NM. It is a part of what was originally the Hopewell mining district, which also included an area to the southeast later separated as the Bromide district. The village of Hopewell is located in the east central part of the Headstone district, and has always been headquarters for mining operations. The district lies within the Carson National Forest.

Hopewell is reached over a semi-improved dirt road from the junction of Deer Trail and Tusas Canyons 5 mi to the east. From this point an improved National Forest dirt road and State Highway 110 connect with U.S. Highway 285 at Tres Piedras 15 mi to the east, and with La Madera 31 mi to the south. The nearest railroad station is Antonito, Colorado, on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, distant some 28 mi to the north. The narrow-gauge line of this railroad that extended from Antonito to Santa Fe was abandoned in 1938.

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