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Circular 40—Lexicon of New Mexico geologic names: Part I, PreCambrian and Lower Paleozoic

Compiled by H. L. Jicha, Jr., 1956, 58 pp., 1 appendix.

Acceleration of geologic work in New Mexico has emphasized the need for an up-to-date lexicon of published geologic names used in the state. The author is compiling such a lexicon, which is being issued in appropriate sections in the Circular series of the New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources. The first part of this compilation, Precambrian and lower Paleozoic, includes names from the Precambrian through the Devonian. Of the 114 names here presented, 53 have been proposed since 1937. Wilmarth's (1938) Lexicon of geologic names of the U. S. has been drawn upon freely as a basis and guide. It should be noted that most of the many formation names proposed by C. R. Keyes have not been accepted or used by other geologists working in New Mexico.

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