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Open-file Report - 576
Sacramento Mountains Watershed Study - The effects of tree thinning on the local hydrologic system

B. Talon Newton, Ethan Mamer, Peter ReVelle, and Hector Garduno



In New Mexico, under the pressures of climate change and population growth, demand for water is increasing, and there is mounting evidence that the available water supply may actually be decreasing. While water use conservation efforts are necessary, there is great interest in finding ways to increase the available water supply. Tree thinning in mountain regions is an effective way to decrease fire danger in areas where forests are overgrown. Potentially, tree thinning can also be used as a tool to increase water supply. This report describes a watershed study in the southern Sacramento Mountains, which focused on the effects of tree thinning on the hydrologic system, specifically on the potential to increase groundwater and surface water availability in the Sacramento Mountains.

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File Name Size Last Modified 44.46 MB 02/01/2021 03:08:46 PM
OFR-576_SM_watershed_study.pdf 3.45 MB 02/01/2021 03:06:41 PM
Appendix A_content.pdf 14 KB 02/01/2021 03:06:58 PM
Appendix B_NMFWRI Field Inventory.pdf 3.64 MB 02/01/2021 03:07:04 PM
Appendix C_Estimating Canopy Cover.pdf 3.00 MB 02/01/2021 03:07:13 PM
Appendix D_Well Series Yeso Formation.pdf 2.99 MB 02/01/2021 03:07:21 PM
Appendix E_Soil Geomorphic Units.pdf 7.40 MB 02/01/2021 03:07:28 PM
Appendix F_Throughfall Analysis.pdf 4.28 MB 02/01/2021 03:07:41 PM
Appendix G_Remote Sensing Evaporation Rate.pdf 725 KB 02/01/2021 03:07:50 PM
Appendix A A1-A5 Excel:
Appendix_A1_Well_Details.xlsx 11 KB 10/22/2015 11:27:04 AM
Appendix_A2_Water_levels.xlsx 10 KB 10/21/2015 05:01:30 PM
Appendix_A3_Water_Chemistry.xlsx 44 KB 10/21/2015 05:03:29 PM
Appendix_A4_Continuous_water_level_data.xlsx 17.30 MB 10/22/2015 01:16:26 PM
Appendix_A5_Weather_Stations.xlsx 9.89 MB 10/21/2015 02:43:13 PM

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