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Issue: 47 — Into the Permian Basin

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Issue: 47 7.71 MB
Into the Permian Basin, pp. 1
Cynthia Connelly
Permian Basin Sands, pp. 2-2
Dave McCraw
“Diamonds of the Desert”—Authigenic Quartz Crystals of the Pecos Valley, pp. 3-4
Virgil W. Lueth
Earth Briefs—Subsurface Geologic Models for Resource Management, pp. 5-6
Colin Cikoski
Potash, pp. 7-8
Virginia T. McLemore
Oil Production in the Delaware Basin— Resurgence in an Old Basin, pp. 9-10
Ron Broadhead
Earthquakes in the Delaware Basin?, pp. 11
Mairi Litherland
Stick-Slip, One-Block “Earthquake Machine”, pp. 12-13
Cynthia Connelly
Through the Hand Lens with Diana Northup, pp. 14-14
Diana Northup