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Issue: 50 — Fieldwork

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Issue: 50 7.40 MB

In addition to conducting research in New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR) laboratories, NMBGMR scientists work in the field to map geologic features and collect data about mineral, energy, and water resources. Data and samples collected in the field are also used in geologic and hydrogeologic research. In partnership with the University of New Mexico and the United States Geological Survey, the NMBGMR maintains an array of seismic instruments throughout the state. The NMBGMR collaborates with a network of partners to monitor public and private wells to assist with water resource management. As the geologic survey for the state of New Mexico, we are a non-regulatory agency that freely shares information with scientists, decision makers, educators, and the public, via the NMBGMR webpage and Facebook.

What’s in Your Pack?, pp. 2-3
Kevin Hobbs
Rare Earth Element Deposits in the Gallinas Mountains, Lincoln County, New Mexico, pp. 4-5
Virginia T. McLemore, Shari Kelley, and Matthew J. Zimmerer
Fieldwork as a Tool for Assessing Groundwater Resources in the Salt Basin of New Mexico and Texas, pp. 6-7
Shari Kelley and Marissa Fichera
Geophysical Fieldwork in the Salt Basin, pp. 8
Shari Kelley
Geologic Mapping in the Little San Pascual Mountains, pp. 9-10
Daniel Koning, W. John Nelson, Scott Elrick, and Snir Attia
Westside Sacramento Mountains Watershed Restoration Project—Education and Outreach, pp. 11
Talon Newton and Cynthia Connolly
Through the Hand Lens with Dan Koning, pp. 12
Daniel Koning