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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues

Print ISSN: 0196-948X (prior to 2015)
Online ISSN: 2837-6420


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Volume: 26, 2004

Volume 26, Number 1
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Number: 1

  1. Eathquake scenario and probabilistic ground-shaking hazard maps for the Albuquerque- Belen-Santa Fe, New Mexico, corridor (8.46 MB PDF), pp. 3-33.
    — Ivan Wong, Susan Olig, Walter Silva, Douglas Wright, Patricia Thomas, Nick Gregor, Allan Sanford, Kuo-wan Lin, and David Love
  2. Gallery of Geology - Prehistoric earthquake ruptures on the Hubbell Spring fault and implications for seismic hazards south of Albuquerque (287 KB PDF), pp. 34-35.
    — Susan Olig, Martha Eppes, Steven Forman, David Love, and Bruce Allen
  3. In Memory of Jacques Renault (1933-2003) (225 KB PDF), pp. 36-37.
    — Jane C. Love