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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues

Print ISSN: 0196-948X (prior to 2015)
Online ISSN: 2837-6420


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Volume: 44, 2023

Volume 44, Number 3
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Number: 3

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Cover Image: Sandstone cylinder in the Glorieta Sandstone on Sacatosa Mesa in San Miguel County, New Mexico
— Spencer G. Lucas

In-place cylinder seen in oblique view. Lack of sediment deformation structures and other features excludes dewatering pipes or burrows as the origin of the cylinders, which instead are most likely stem casts of Permian plants.

  1. Unusual Sandstone Cylinders from the Lower Permian Glorieta Sandstone, Northern New Mexico (2.32 MB PDF), pp. 63-75. [View Abstract]
    — Spencer G. Lucas, William A. DiMichele, and Joseph M. Karnes
  2. Highlighted Publications (1021 KB PDF), p. 76.