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Tiffany Fire Rehabilitation, Socorro County


The Tiffany Fire Watershed Restoration and Management project is a collaborative effort to restore 9,200 acres south of the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge along the Rio Grande riparian corridor which burned in June 2017. Researchers at NMBGMR are working to characterize the shallow aquifer system and measure groundwater levels to assess groundwater depths, flow directions, and other hydrologic processes. The information gained will be used to model different restoration scenarios to determine the most effective techniques to accomplish specific goals, such as the enhancement of wildlife habitat and improved water delivery to downstream users.

This large-scale restoration project is primarily funded through the Water Trust Board and the Bureau of Reclamation, but includes a diverse group of stakeholders, including the Sierra Soil and Water Conservation District, New Mexico State Forestry, Save Our Bosque Task Force, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and private land owners.

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