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Dr. Nelia Dunbar

Graduate Students

I served on the advisement committees for these students at New Mexico Tech (unless otherwise noted).

  • Cox, J. (MS)
  • Barton, M. (MST)
  • Bell, S. (MS)
  • Crain, J. (MS)
  • Dickens, A. (MS)
  • Ennis, D. (MS)
  • Eschenbacher, A. (MS)
  • Frey, B. (MS)
  • Frisch, P. (MS)
  • Hartman, L. (MS, Univerisity of Maine)
  • Hartman, M. (MS)
  • Isopolatov, V. (PhD)
  • Kalteyer, D. (MS, University of Maine)
  • Kammerer, M. (MS)
  • Koffman, B. (PhD, University of Maine)
  • Kelly, P. (MS)
  • Kimball, C. (MS)
  • Kulis, J. (MS)
  • Harpel, C. (MS)
  • Horning, R. (MS)
  • Iverson, N. (MS)
  • Latysh, N. (MS)
  • Law, R. (MS)
  • Lynch, S. (MS)
  • Marrero, S (MS/PhD)
  • Nenuji, V. (PhD)
  • Nybo, J. (MS)
  • O’Keefe, M. (MS)
  • Parmalee, D. (MS)
  • Phillips, E. (MS)
  • Rasmussen, D. (MS)
  • Riggins, A. (MS)
  • Rinkleff, P. (MS)
  • Ross, J. (MS/PhD)
  • Rourke, R. (MS)
  • Sweeney, D. (MS)
  • Voisons, D. (MS, University of New Hampshire)
  • Wardell, J. (PhD)
  • White, R. (MS)
  • Wilson, J. (PhD)
  • Wilson, S. (MS)
  • Winick, J. (MS)