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Dr. Nelia Dunbar

Grants & Awards

  • New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission. “Leap Ahead” Water and Climate Advisory Board
  • USGS-Earth-MRI. Rare earth elements (REE) deposits in the Gallinas Mountains, Lincoln and Torrance Counties, central New Mexico.
  • NSF-ANT-1745015. Collaborative Research: Constraining West Antarctic Ice Sheet Elevation during the last Interglacial
  • NSF-ANT-1543454. Collaborative Research: Tephrochronology of a South Pole ice core
  • NSF-ANT-1142069. Collaborative Research: Developing an Antarctic Tephra Database for Interdisciplinary Paleoclimate Research
  • NSF-ANT-1142115. Tephrochronology of the WAIS Divide Ice Core: Linking ice cores through volcanic records
  • USGS-MRERP- Rare Earth Element (REE) potential and origin of the Cambrian-Ordovician syenite/episyenites in the Caballo and Burro Mountains, southern New Mexico.
  • NSF-OPP-. Subcontract to ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf Project. Characterization of the Volcanic Record in the ANDRILL MIS Core
  • NSF-OPP-0636515. Collaborative Research: 2000+ Year Detailed, Calibrated Climate Reconstruction from a South Pole Ice Core Set in an Antarctic-Global Scale Context. Collaborative research with University of Maine
  • NSF-OPP-0636767. Collaborative Research: Microparticle/tephra analysis of the WAIS Divide ice core. Collaborative research with University of Maine
  • NSF-OPP-0230348. Collaborative Research: Refining a 500-kyr Climate Record From the Mt. Moulton Blue Ice Field in West Antarctica. Collaborative research with University of Pennsylvania and University of Colorado.
  • NSF-OPP-0125549. A 700 year tephrochronology of the Law Dome Ice Core. Collaborative research with University of Maine.
  • NSF-OPP-9814428. Initial examination of the 500,000-year climate record at Mt. Moulton, West Antarctica. Collaborative with University of New Hampshire
  • NSF-OPP-9725910. Late Pleistocene inland West Antarctic Ice Sheet elevations at Mt. Takahe. Collaborative with Albion College
  • NSF-OPP-9615167. Volcanic record from the Siple and Taylor Dome Ice cores. Collaborative with University of New Hampshire
  • NSF-OPP-9527373. Volcanic record in Antarctic ice: Implications for climatic and eruptive history and ice sheet dynamics of the South Polar region. Collaborative with University of New Hampshire
  • NSF-EAR-9526642. 40Ar/39Ar dating of fluid inclusions.
  • NSF EAR-9413900. Acquistion of an analytical scanning electron microscope.
  • NSF EAR-9316467 Acquisition of an x-ray fluorescence spectrometer.
  • NSF OPP-9316505. Volcanic Record in Antarctic Ice.
  • NSF EAR-9219758. Mobility of elements during potassium metasomatism by alkaline, saline brines.
  • NSF EAR-8916402. Investigation of the pre-Eruptive Volatile Contents of the Taupo Ignimbrite: Implications for Plinian-Ignimbrite transitions
  • NSF EAR-8803694. Collaborative Research: Investigation of Volatile Gradients in Silicic Magma Chambers
  • Mineral Institute Fellowship (4 years support in graduate school)
  • Sigma Xi grant to support graduate research
  • Geological society of America grant to support graduate research
  • Associated Western Universities grant to support summer research
  • American Metals Climax Scholarship (grant for summer field camp)