New Mexico Mines DATABASE Manager-Virginia T. McLemore

A computerized inventory on existing abandoned, inactive, and active mines and mills throughout New Mexico has been established at the Bureau. This database, still under construction, includes uranium, metallic, and industrial minerals mines and mills; coal mines are included in the National Coal Resource Data System (NCRDS) at the Bureau. Information such as location, production, reserves, geology, development, ownership, type of deposit, geochemistry, and sources of other information are included. Field examination of many sites has occurred over the last 20 years to provide more accurate inventory data. The current AML research project is utilizing and updating this database. Geochemical data from various mines is being entered into a separate database. Production data for gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, uranium, vanadium, potash, manganese, barite, fluorite, and other commodities (excluding coal, oil, and gas) are also available for many districts, as well as year by year statistics for the state as a separate database. A bibliography of references on metallic and industrial minerals in New Mexico also is being maintained.

Publications include:

Mines in New Mexico by county and commodity

Updated February 18, 2021