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Climate & Water Science Advisory Panel

Microbursts on the Plains of San Agustin near the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array
© 2020, Dana Ulmer-Scholle


In support of development of a 50-year water plan for New Mexico, the Interstate Stream Commission has tasked the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources with convening a group of 8 water and climate research experts as an Advisory Panel. They have prepared a consensus study report on the current state of knowledge of how climate conditions and water resources may vary across our state during the next 50 years.


The overarching goal of the Advisory Panel is to work together to compile, assess, and integrate existing peer-reviewed published research, technical reports and datasets relevant to the broad topic of changes to New Mexico climate over the next 50 years, and resultant impact on water resources. They have identified the key climate-related factors that may impact diminishing (or increasing) water resources.


The final product of this project is a report detailing the current state of knowledge on how climate change and water resources may vary in New Mexico over the next 50 years. In addition to synthesizing the state of knowledge on this topic, the report identifies significant data and modeling gaps and uncertainties, and suggests research directions to strengthen our understanding of climate and water resource changes.

Pending review of public comments, the report will be published as a New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Bulletin, and will be made freely available in PDF format.

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