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Chaco Canyon Country

A Field Guide to the Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Paleoecology, and Environmental Geology of Northwestern New Mexico — American Geomorphological Field Group, 1983 Field Trip Guidebook

— Stephen G. Wells, David W. Love, Thomas W. Gardner, [eds.], 1983

Pueblo Bonito
by: Paul Logsdon
The ruins of Pueblo Bonito and the once, late greate Threatening Rock in Chaco Culture National Historic Park

In 1981 Luna Leopold organized the American Geomorphological Field Group (AGFG) along the lines of the informal Friends of the Pleistocene. Three guidebooks were produced by the group in the 1980s and then it became inactive. In honor of Luna Leopold, and with the permission of Stephen Wells the New Mexico Bureau of Geology is pleased to make this copy of Chaco Canyon Country available to the public to download. Copyright resides with the American Geomorphological Field Group.

Download: Chaco Canyon Country (29 MB PDF)

Table of Contents:



  • First Day Road Log: Albuquerque to Chaco Canyon, 3
  • Second Day Road Log: Chaco Canyon to Ah-shi-sle-p ah Badlands area, 15
  • Third Day Road Log: Chaco Canyon area, 19


  • Geologic Setting of Chaco Canyon Field Conference, S.G. Wells and L.N. Smith, 27
  • Summary of the Hydrology, Sedimentology, and Stratigraphy of the Rio Puerco Valley, J.W. Hawley, D.W. Love and S.G. Wells, 33
  • Geomorphic Processes on the Valley Floor of the Rio Puerco, S.G. Wells, T .F. Bullard, C.D. Condit, M. Jerclnovic, D.E. Jercinovic and R.P. Lozlnsky, 37
  • Pottery Mound, L.S. Cordell, 41
  • Base-Level Changes and Incision Rates for Canyons Draining the Mt. Taylor Volcanic Field, New Mexico, J .P. Grimm, 43
  • The Late Cenozoic History of the Lobo Canyon Drainage Basin, Mt . Taylor Volcanic Field, New Mexico, J.P. Grimm, 45
  • Applications of Geomorphology to Uranium Tailings Siting and Groundwater Management: Research Overview, T.F. Bullard, J.R. Miller and T.W. Gardner, 51
  • Effects of Aquifer Dewatering on an Ephemeral Stream, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, A.M. Mills and T.W. Gardner, 57
  • Soil Characterization, Headcut Erosion, and Landsat Classification in the San Juan Basin, W.D. Duffy and T.W. Gardner, 67
  • Bedrock Influences on the Late Quaternary Alluvial History and Evolution of the Kim-me-ni-oli Wash Drainage Basin, T.F. Bullard, 79
  • Seismic Refraction Studies ofthe Alluvial-Valley Fills in the San Juan Basin, New M exico, K.D. Mahrer and T.F. Bullard, 3
  • Instrumented Watersheds in the Coal Fields of Northwestern New Mexico, S.G. Wells, D .E. Jercinovic, L.N. Smith, A.A. Gutierrez, J . Pickle and D.W. Love, 99
  • Geomorphic Processes and Sediment Transport in Badland Watersheds, San Juan County, New Mexico, A.A. Gutierrez, 113
  • Regional Badland Development and Models of Late Quaternary Evolution of Badland Watersheds, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, S.G. Wells, 121
  • Applications of Geomorphology to Surface Coal-Mining Reclamation, Northwestern New Mexico, S.G. Wells and D.E. Jercinovic, 133
  • Quaternary History and Fluvial Evolution of Some Tributary Drainage Basins North of the Chaco River , L.N. Smith, 149
  • Geomorphology and Quaternary History of the Southeastern Chaco Dune Field, Northwestern New Mexico, J.D. Schultz, 159
  • Soil Development on Late Quaternary Eolian Deposits, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, L.D. McFadden, S.G. Wells and J.D. Schultz, 167
  • Chronology, Rates and Magnitudes of Late Quaternary Landscape Changes in the Southeastern Colorado Plateau, S.G. Wells, T.F. Bullard, L.N. Smith and T. W. Gardner, 177
  • Summary of the Late Cenozoic Geomorphic and Depositional History of Chaco Canyon, D. W. Love, 187
  • Quaternary Facies in Chaco Canyon and their Implications for Geomorphic-Sedimentologic Models, D.W. Love, 195
  • Fossil Packrat Middens from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico: Cultural and Ecological Significance, J .L. Betancourt, P.S. Martin and T.R VanDevender, 207
  • Holocene Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of Chaco Canyon, S.A. Ball, 219
  • Geomorphic and Hydraulic Analysis for Erosion Control Planning at Chaco Culture National Historic Park, P.F. Lagasse, K.G . Eggert and K.A. Yarborough, 227
  • An Overview of the Archaeology of Chaco Canyon, W.B. Gillespie, 237


  • Technical Sessions Program, 242
  • Abstracts (alphabetical order), 243