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Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past # 8
Mosaic of New Mexico's Scenery, Rocks, & History


Edited by P. W. Christiansen and F. E. Kottlowski, third edition, 1972 (reprinted 1982, 1988), 170 p.

This guide book is composed of 15 articles describing New Mexico's history, peoples, deserts and mountains, geology, and recreational areas. This colorful guide includes stories and descriptions of many state and national forests, parks, and monuments; Indian pueblos; frontier forts; plants; and wildlife. The text covers many unusual features, including Antelope Plains, Ghost Ranch Museum, Sitting Bull Falls, Jackpile open-pit mine, Jornada del Muerto, and Abo Pass red beds. Routes include major highways and secondary roads, both easy to follow on the full-color general map. The detailed index makes this a valuable reference volume.

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