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GM-57—Geology of east half of Las Cruces and northeast El Paso 1º x 2º sheets, New Mexico

By W. R. Seager, J. W. Hawley, F. E. Kottlowski, and S. A. Kelley, 1987, lat 32°00' to 33°00', long 106°00' to 107°00', 1 table, 3 sheets (geologic map, seven cross sections and corresponding gravity profiles on two sheets, and a translucent Bouguer anomaly map overlay on two sheets), scale 1:125,000.

The 42" x 50" geologic map sheet includes approximately 80 unit descriptions, a small tectonic map of the area, and a table describing 56 wells within the map boundary. GM-57 is the second in a series of three maps that covers the entire Las Cruces 1º x 2º quadrangle and the northern portion of the El Paso 1º x 2º quadrangle. It is preceded by GM-53, Geology of northwest part of Las Cruces 1º x 2º sheet, New Mexico, published in 1982. The third and final map in the series, GM-60, Geology of southwest quarter of Las Cruces and northwest El Paso 1º x 2º sheets, New Mexico was published in 1995. More detail is covered in GM 63 and Bulletin 113.

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