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Bulletin 103—Annotated bibliography and mapping index of PreCambrian of New Mexico

By J. M. Robertson, 1976, 90 pp., 2 figs., 3 indices, 2 sheets.


This bulletin summarizes who has done what and where on the Precambrian geology of New Mexico, delineates existing geologic mapping that includes Precambrian rocks, and indicates the extent to which the Precambrian has been subdivided on each map. The report is organized into an annotated bibliography of over 400 citations, a subject index, and two large map indices. The bibliography includes published papers, open-file reports, and graduate theses from both in-state and out-of-state institutions. The subject index is subdivided into the following major categories: counties, mountain ranges, geochronology, mineral deposits, and statewide or regional geology. The map indices show coverage of any mapping that contains exposures of Precambrian rocks, divided or undivided. One-sheet indexes mapping in published and open-file materials, the other indexes mapping in theses.

The bibliography lists only papers, reports, or theses that include some mention of Precambrian rocks in New Mexico. Many of the references listed are not concerned exclusively with Precambrian geology; a number have only a brief chapter, section, or paragraph on the Precambrian. Such references, however, may be the only source of information on the Precambrian geology of a particular area, and thus a significant starting point for further study.

Most of the references are available in Socorro either from the New Mexico Tech Library or the New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources. Many of the graduate theses were obtained through interlibrary loans. The University of New Mexico Library and Department of Geology supplied theses from that institution. The annotations preserve each author's original spelling of Precambrian formation names or lithologic unites used in the text and/or accompanying geologic map. Geographic names, however, are spelled according to modern authorities.

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