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Bulletin 150—Geologic activities in the 1990s

Edited by J. Ahlen, J. Peterson, and A. L. Bowsher, 1994, 137 pp., 1 table, 90 figs.


This decade is a period of continued change in the profession of petroleum geology in the Southwest. Many properties are being sold or offered for sale; drilling dollars are scarce for many projects because of low product prices. It is again a time that requires a great deal of tenacity to remain active in our profession. Progress in oil exploration will require innovative techniques, trends, and transitions to carry us into the 21st century. New approaches include 3-D seismic profiling, horizontal drilling, CO2 foam flooding, and borehole imaging. The 13 papers and 36 abstracts in this symposium volume were presented at the 1994 Convention of the Southwest Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists hosted by the Roswell Geological Society, April 24–26, 1994, in Ruidoso, NM.

Articles included are: History of Bravo Dome CO2-discovery and early development, by J. W. Roberts and J. A. Godfrey, Jr.; A great opportunity for geoscientists, by B. M. Hanson; Surface reclamation in the Big Lake Field, Reagan County, Texas, by M. L. Weathers, et. al.; Cimarron Superfund site, Carrizozo, NM: An update, by L. A. Brandvold; Ochoan stratigraphy and chronology, southeastern NM and west Texas, by S. G. Lucas and O. J. Anderson; The saga of the Dockum Group and the case of the TX/NM boundary fault, by T. M. Lehman; Exploration potential of the Diablo Platform-Delaware Basin margin, Trans-Pecos Texas, by D. B. Swift, et. al.; Impact of late Cenozoic extension on Laramide overthrust belt and Diablo Platform margins, northwestern Trans-Pecos Texas, by E. W. Collins and J. A. Raney; A look at carbonate rocks, by A. L. Bowsher; The role of diagenetic studies in flow-unit modeling: San Andres Formation, Yoakum County, Texas, by S. K. Henderson; Variations in cementation exponent and fracture porosity, Permian Delaware Mountain Group Sandstones, Reeves, and Culberson Counties, Texas, by G. B. Asquith, et. al.; The effects of residual-oil saturations on the interpretation of water versus oil-production Delaware sandstones, by G. B. Asquith and M. D. Thomerson; and Triassic stratigraphy and correlations, southern High Plains of NM-TX, by S. G. Lucas, et. al.

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