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Bulletin 43—Bibliography of New Mexico geology and mineral technology through 1950

By M. R. Burks and J. H. Schilling, 1955, 198 pp., 1 index.

Supersedes Bulletins 5 and 22. Others include Bulletins 52, 74, 90, 99, 108, 109, 110, 120, 123, 130, and 151. First in a series listing works in geology. In this bibliography are listed bulletins, articles, papers, and reports on the geology and mineral technology of NM that have appeared from the earliest years through 1950. The term geology has been interpreted broadly; the list includes articles on such subjects as meteorites and the antiquity of man, which, though not strictly geological topics, are closely related to geology.

Part I, Bibliography, is a list of authors, arranged alphabetically. Each author's writings are placed under his name in chronological order and are numbered. Each title is given in full; explanatory notes added to the title by the compilers of this bibliography are enclosed in brackets. Following the title is the name of the publication, together with the series number. The volume and number of the periodical come next; then the page or pages on which the paper appears; notes on illustrations, if any; and finally the date.

Part II, Index, is an alphabetical list of subjects arranged under 12 major heads. These heads are subdivided according to the nature of the material indexed. One paper may be indexed under more than one head, but under each head the name of the author and the serial number of his paper follow appropriately. Using these data the reader can find the title and reference of the paper in the Bibliography, Part I. Further details regarding subdivision are given in the section preceding the Index.

Part III, Maps, is a list of maps of NM other than geologic maps, which are included with the index. Explanatory remarks are given at the beginning of the section.

The papers listed in this bulletin through the year 1944 in large part have been taken from a previous bibliography issued as Bulletin 22. Bulletins 746, 747, 823, 937, and 938 of the USGS were also used as sources for this bulletin. Entries from 1945-1950 have been taken largely from USGS Bulletins 949, 952, 968, 977, and 985. A number of publications of local interest or dealing with mineral technology which were not covered by the USGS Bulletins were examined by the compilers. Unpublished theses have also been included and of the most part were taken from the publication of the Petroleum research Company, Denver, CO.

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supersedes Bulletin 22

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