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Bulletin 7 — The metal resources of New Mexico and their economic features

By S. G, Lasky & T. P, Wootton, 1933, 178 pages

In this bulletin an attempt has been made to assemble information of particular value to those interested in developing and working the metalliferous deposits of New Mexico. All known districts in the State are briefly described. History production and geology are given in variable detail in these descriptions, depending upon the importance of the district, and a section of the bulletin contains a catalogue of the occurrence and distribution of the metallic minerals found in the State. Special attention has been given to the economic features of the metals and minerals and separate sections are devoted to the production and uses of the metals and to the marketing of the different ores. The novice and those of limited mining experience will find Part V. of the bulletin, entitled "Economic Features of Prospecting, Mining and Milling" of Special interest.

The placer deposits of New Mexico received much attention during 1931 and 1932, and both large and small operations were begun in a number of districts. Because of the fact that most of this report was prepared prior to 1932, it has not seemed feasible to discuss the recent placer operations in detail.

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