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Circular 140—Papers presented at energy crisis symposium, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1973

Compiled by W. L. Hiss and J. W. Shomaker, 1974, 107 pp., 7 tables, 74 figs.

Organized by seven professional societies to evaluate the effects of the energy crisis upon New Mexico. Includes the state's energy potential, options in sources and uses, and impact on development. The Energy Crisis Symposium was organized as a joint effort by the seven professional societies listed on the title page. The Aim of the Symposium was to provide information on the effort of the Energy Crisis upon New Mexico, including the state's energy potential, options in energy sources and uses, and the impact of the development of energy resources on each of the fields represented by the sponsoring organizations.

The Symposium was held at the Holiday Inn-Midtown in Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 3 and 4, 1973, and was attended by 220 society members and others. The following persons also presented papers at the symposium but did not submit manuscripts for publication in this volume: M. Reiter, New Mexico Tech, geothermal energy, J. Plunkett, Materials Consultant Inc., wasted energy, F. DiLuzio, governor's office, energy policy, and F. W. Trainer, U.S. Geological Survey, geothermal source in Jemez Mountains.

The following papers are included in this circular: The Energy Crisis by J. M. Campbell, Is the National Origin of the Oil We Burn Important? By J. E. Wilson, Vegetation and Energy Crisis by D. A. Jameson, Coal, the Energy Crisis and New Mexico by J. W. Shomaker, The Utilization of Solar Energy to Help Meet Our Nation's Energy Needs by R. L. Thomas, Nuclear Energy by Dr. B. H. Van Domelen, Oil and Gas Energy and Its Impact on New Mexico by J. L. Wedeward, Coal Gasification by J. Byrne and D. Cook, Nuclear Stimulation of Reservoirs and Supplies of Natural Gas by F. Holzer, Energy Resources of the Vermejo Ranch, Colfax County, New Mexico by W. R. Speer, A Solar Community by R. P. Stromberg, Uranium Resources of New Mexico by D. C. Fitch, Target for Tomorrow by C. McMordie, and The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Program by R. L. Aamodt.

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