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Circular 172—New Mexico's energy resources 1979: Annual report of Bureau of Geology in the Mining and Minerals Division of New Mexico Energy and Minerals Department

Compiled by E. C. Arnold and J. M. Hill, 1980, 55 pp., 45 tables, 14 figs.


Annual summary of energy developments in New Mexico; discusses coal, oil, and gas reserves, possible geothermal applications, and production of coal, crude oil, natural gas, and uranium. The Bureau of Geology is charged with (1) conducting geological studies aimed at determining reserves of known supplies of energy resources and (2) conducting geological studies of probable potential supplies. The Bureau is also charged with cooperating with the New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources in preparing maps, brochures, and pamphlets on known, probable, and potential sources of energy in New Mexico. This report is the fourth reserve and production summary published since the office was established and the second report to contain independently derived estimates of oil and gas reserves. Also in this series are Circulars 148, 167, 181, and Bulletin 107.

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