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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues


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Volume: 39, 2017

Volume 39, Number 1

Number: 1

Full-Issue (11.4 MB PDF)
  1. Church Rock #1 East shaft (1.49 MB PDF), [Cover]
    O. Anderson
  2. Modeled Impacts of Economics and Policy on Historic Uranium Mining Operations in New Mexico (828 KB PDF), pp. 11-24. [View Abstract]
    Katie Zemlick, Bruce M. Thomson, Janie Chermak, and Vincent C. Tidwell
  3. Gallery of Geology (5.86 MB PDF), pp. 25-27. [View Abstract]
    Virginia T. McLemore and Bonnie A. Frey
Volume 39, Number 2

Number: 2

Full-Issue (2.47 MB PDF)
  1. Tonuco Mountain (a.k.a. San Diego Mountain) (2.74 MB PDF), [Cover]
    Jeffrey Amato
  2. The tapir Tapirus (Mammalia: Perissodactyla) from the late Pliocene (early Blancan) Tonuco Mountain Local Fauna, Camp Rice Formation, Doña Ana County, southern New Mexico (13.7 MB PDF), p. 28–39. [View Abstract]
    Gary S. Morgan, Hulbert, Jr., Richard C., Eric S. Gottlieb, Jeffrey M. Amato, Greg H. Mack, and Tara N. Jonell

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