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A Geologic Odyssey: From Field Curiosity About Nodules to Technical Abstract

Developing geologic ideas about fault-related calcium-carbonate nodules, progress toward better understanding of natural phenomena

By: Dave Love and Mike Whitworth

Observations of calcium-carbonate-cemented sandstone nodules adjacent to fault scarps south of Albuquerque leads to asking:
What is the origin of these nodules?

Cemented nodules weathering from carbonate-coated sand down-gradient from fault (locality 1 of geologic stetting).
Cemented tubular sandstone suggesting horizontal fingered flow (nodule 2).
Cemented sandstone suggesting anastomosing three-dimensional flow (nodule 3).
Cemented tubular sandstone with calcified root mat preservation (nodule 1).

Organizing the Odyssey:

  1. Definitions
  2. Geologic setting
  3. Field observations
  4. Laboratory observations
  5. Hypothesis
  6. Using the hypothesis to develop a semi-quantitative model to test the hypothesis
  7. Discussion and variations
  8. Abstract
  9. References