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Extractive Metallurgy

Lab Manager-Dr. Ibrahim (Abe) Gundiler

The metallurgy laboratory provides bench scale and pilot-plant scale ore-testing capabilities to aid the minerals industry of the state. This facility has been particularly instrumental in initial evaluation of small prospects and new discoveries, as well as in conducting preliminary test work for process modifications in operating mills.

Service work includes mineral beneficiation tests using flotation, magnetic, electrostatic, and gravity concentration methods. In addition to various-sized crushers, pulverizers, screens, rod and ball mills, and separation equipment, provisions for standard bottle-roll and column-leach tests, and autoclaves for pressure-oxidation tests are also available. With the exception of a few commercial laboratories, the Bureau of Geology is perhaps the only organization in the country that provides these services to the public.

The metallurgy laboratory also provides training for mining and metallurgy students, and it is available to other faculty and staff members at New Mexico Tech for sample preparation and minerals-related research. Current research projects include: beneficiation of high-clay potash ores, and sylvinite-langbeinite mixed ores form Carlsbad Potash District of New Mexico.