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Storing points in XYZ - cheat sheet

-Be in BSE
-move to new sample area
-select exact point in BSE
-if you're on a beam-sensitive sample (glass) BEAM OFF (Cup button)
-go to high magnification (scale bar 0.1 microns).
-select label
-enter comment
-press "add"
-magnification down
-beam on
-go to new spot


oliv: olivine 1 um
amph: amphibole 1 um
misc-pyx: pyroxene 1 um
feld-an: calcic plagioclase 10 um
feld-an5: calcic plagioclase 5 um
feld: alkali feldspar 10 um
feld-5: alkali feldspar 10 um
mica-5: mica 5 um
chro: chromite 1 um
misc-all: unknown 1 um
misc-gl10: glass 10 um
misc-gl15: glass 15 um
misc-gl20: glass 20 um
misc-gl25: glass 25 um  

There may be other labels in the list also, but the ones above are the most commonly used.