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Decision Makers Field Guide – 2007

2007 cover
2007 guidebook cover

Water Resources of the Middle Rio Grande —San Acacia to Elephant Butte
Decision-Makers Field Guide 2007

Edited by L. Greer Price, Peggy S. Johnson, and Douglas Bland

There is no subject of greater interest to New Mexicans than water—where we get it, how we use it, and how it is managed. This volume provides a broad overview of issues related to water resources on the Middle Rio Grande. But this timely collection of 25 articles addresses critical issues of statewide importance, including: surface water management and infrastructure; the physical, biological, and historical framework; the legal challenges that lie ahead; agricultural-to-urban water transfers; opportunities for long-term bosque preservation; and forging a sustainable water policy for the Middle Rio Grande. 140 pages with full color photographs, maps, illustrations, diagrams, and tables throughout.

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ISBN: 9781883905248
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