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Bulletin 137—Field guide to geologic excursions in New Mexico and adjacent areas of Texas and Colorado


Edited by B. Julian and J. Zidek, 1991, 192 pp., 15 tables, 168 figs., 2 appendices.

This volume (a companion to Bulletin 138) has been prepared for the Geological Society of America Rocky Mountain and south-central Sections annual meeting in Albuquerque on 21–24 April 1991. It contains 10 field guides to trips scheduled to take place before, during, and after the meeting. Fifty-five authors have contributed to the volume. The following field guides are included:

  1. Examples of modern rift volcanism and Proterozoic anorogenic magmatism: the Potrillo volcanic field of southern New Mexico and the Franklin Mountains of west Texas.
  2. Open-system magmatic evolution of the Summer Coon and Del Norte volcanoes, Conejos Formation, San Juan Mountains volcanic field, Colorado;
  3. Geomorphic and neotectonic evolution along the margin of the Colorado Plateau and Rio Grande rift, northern New Mexico;
  4. Correlation of Triassic strata of the Colorado Plateau and southern High Plains, New Mexico;
  5. Tectonics, intrusive rocks, and mineralization of the San Pedro-Ortiz porphyry belt, north-central New Mexico;
  6. Proterozoic tectonic history of the Manzano Mountains, central New Mexico;
  7. Late Pennsylvanian stratigraphy and paleontology of the Kinney Brick quarry, Manzanita Mountains, New Mexico;
  8. A tale of two volcaniclastic aprons: field guide to the sedimentology and physical volcanology of the Oligocene Espinaso Formation and Miocene Peralta Tuff, north-central New Mexico;
  9. Quaternary and Neogene landscape evolution: a transect across the Colorado Plateau and Basin and Range provinces in west-central New Mexico; and
  10. Lower and Middle Pennsylvanian stratigraphic relations, type Derryan region, southern New Mexico and westernmost Texas (measured sections in the type Derryan region are available separately as Open-file Report 373).
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These fifty-seven authors contributed to this volume:

  • E. Y. Anthony
  • C. G. Barnes
  • W. Chen
  • J. M. Hoffer
  • G. R. Heller
  • K. M. Marsaglia
  • V. T. McLemore
  • J. M. Seeley
  • M. A. Seward
  • W. M. Shannon
  • W. F. Thomann
  • D. F. Parker
  • D. A. Grau
  • C. D. Thomas
  • M. A. Gonzalez
  • D. P. Dethier
  • S. J. Lucas
  • S. R. Maynard
  • L. A. Woodward
  • D. L. Giles
  • A. G. Thompson
  • J. A. Grambling
  • R. D. Dallmeyer
  • P. Huber
  • S. G. Lucas
  • G. A. Smith
  • D. Larsen
  • S. S. Harlan
  • W. C. McIntosh
  • D. W. Erskine
  • S. Taylor
  • J. W. Hawley
  • D. W. Love
  • J. L. Betancourt
  • R. M. Turner
  • S. Tharnstrom
  • L. Thompson
  • E. Mosley-Thompson
  • A. Wilson
  • G. Leonard
  • R. S. Anderson
  • P. G. Drake
  • C. D. Harrington
  • S. G. Wells
  • F. V. Perry
  • A. W. Laughlin
  • R. P. Lozinsky
  • W. C. Haneberg
  • R. C. Lohmann
  • J. M. Davis
  • F. Phillips
  • B. D. Allen
  • P. J. Slavin
  • W. W. Clopine
  • W. L. Manger
  • P. K. Sutherland
  • D. A. Kaiser



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