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Circular 101—Exploration for mineral resources

By F. E. Kottlowski and R. W. Foster, 1969, 126 pp., 3 tables, 69 figs.

Summaries of technical talks at conference on Exploration for and Discovery of Mineral Resources include USGS Heavy Metals Program, mineral exploration in New Mexico, exploration techniques, industrial minerals exploration, terradynamics, geophysical prospecting, geothermal resources, geochemical methods, air- and space-born remote sensors, value of New Mexico's mineral resources, and exploration hypotheses for Luis Lopez deposits. The plan of the Idea Conference of Mineral Resources Discovery and Development was simple, direct, and comprehensive. All were fortunate in having some of the nation's foremost explorationists tell about new methods of exploration and about new uses for the time-tested older methods. The speakers represented all organizations involved in exploration, petroleum companies, mining companies, geophysical companies, state geological surveys, the U.S. Geological Survey, and colleges.

Papers included in this circular are: Role of New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources in discovery by F. E. Kottlowski, Exploration aspects of the U.S. Geological Survey's Heavy-Metals Program by F. S. Simons, Mineral exploration in New Mexico by L. Werts, The effective use of exploration techniques by D. R. Cook, The industrial minerals geologist or Who killed Clem Kadiddlehopper? by L. F. Rooney, Terradynamics by W. N. Caudle, A. Y. Pope, R. L. McNeill, and B. E. Margason, Prospecting for deeply concealed ore bodies by G. V. Keller, Engineering problems and downhole geophysical solutions by H. W. Lawrence and R. W. Baltosser, Geothermal power resources in the Southwest by H. S. Birdseye, New ideas in the worldwide exploration of petroleum by J. P. Malott, A new concept for the inducement of underground fracturing by G. B. Griswold, Blowdown tunnel demonstration by L. M. Kempton, Distribution of abundance of mercury and other trace elements in several base- and precious-metal mining districts by J. H. McCarthy, Jr., G. B. Gott, and W. W. Vaughn, Air- and space-borne remote sensors for mineral exploration by W. D. Carter, Plan for aiding exploration and development of New Mexico's mineral resources by A. J. Thompson, Value of mineral resources to New Mexico by W. W. Cliff, and Exploration hypotheses for Luis Lopez mining district by M. E. Willard.

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