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Circular 199—Epithermal deposits in New Mexico

Compiled by T. L. Eggleston, 1985, 56 pp., 7 tables, 23 figs.


This volume contains six papers and 14 abstracts that resulted from a symposium on epithermal-ore deposits in New Mexico. The symposium, which was held at the 1984 spring meeting of the New Mexico Geological Society, focused attention on the high-grade, generally shallow mineral deposits found at Mogollon, Kingston, Whiteoaks, Chloride, Pinos Altos, and Hermosa.

Mogollon, Kingston, White Oaks, Chloride, Pinos Altos, Hermosa-to the explorationist and student of New Mexico's mineral deposits these districts are but a few of the epithermal-vein systems found within the boundaries of the state. Since the first visit by Europeans, these high-grade, generally shallow deposits have been the focus of much attention; in recent years, both academicians and explorationists have been studying these deposits. This volume contains a number of papers and abstracts generated as a result of a symposium on epithermal-ore deposits in New Mexico. The symposium brought academicians and explorationists together for an exchange of data and ideas in hope that the exchange might stimulate the study and further discoveries of these important deposits. Abstracts of all the papers that were presented are published in this volume. The papers presented and the abstracts contain much information from company files that would otherwise remain unpublished.

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