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New Mexico Earth Matters — Back-issues


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Carbon Sequestration and Hydrogen in New Mexico: Subsurface Resources for a Low-Carbon Economy
Luke Martin and Dana Ulmer-Scholle

The United States is on the verge of a major paradigm shift in energy production, adding climate mitigation efforts and low-carbon alternatives to traditional carbon-based fossil fuels. New Mexico has the potential to be on the cutting edge of the new low-carbon economy because of our solar and wind energy, geothermal resources, natural gas reserves, underground storage potential, other infrastructure, and an experienced workforce. The state can take advantage of these resources in order to sequester greenhouse gases deep underground to prevent their emission into the atmosphere. Our natural gas resources and solar and wind energy farms position us to take advantage of the coming surge in hydrogen-based energy, which will power the electrical grid, heavy-duty motor vehicles, and fuel cells. These cleaner technologies will be vital to both reducing the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and providing sustainable revenue streams to power the state’s economy.

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