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Dr. Virgil Lueth

Selected Publications

(See Curriculum Vitae for more details)

  1. Lueth, V.W., Peters, L., and Chamberlin, R., 2016, A 40Ar/39Ar Age and Paleogeographic Setting for the Riley Travertine, Socorro County, New Mexico: New Mexico Geological Society, 67th Field Conference Guidebook, p. 58-61.
  2. Crook, J.C. and Lueth, V.W., 2014, A geological and geochemical study of a sedimentary-hosted turquoise deposit at the Iron Mask mine, Orogrande, New Mexico: New Mexico Geological Society, 65th Fall Field Conference Guidebook, p. 227-234.
  3. Howald, T., Person, M. Campbell, A., Lueth, V., Hofstra, A., Sweetkind, D., Gabel, C.W., Banerjee, A., Luijendijk, E., Crossey, L., Karlstrom, K., Kelley, S., and Phillips, F., 2014, Evidence for Long-time scale (>103 years) changes in hydrothermal activity induced by seismic events: Geofluids, 21 Nov 2014; DOI: 10.1111/gfl. 12113.
  4. Samuels-Crow, K.E., Lueth, V.W., Peters, L., McIntosh, W.C., 2012, 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of jarosite: the effectiveness of HF in removing silicate contaminants: Chemical Geology, v. 314-317, p. 23-32.
  5. Lueth, V.W., 2011, Quartz pseudomorphs after Anhydrite from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado: Mineralogical Monographs, v. 15 p. 44-45.
  6. Partey, F., Lev, S., Casey, R., Widom, E., Lueth, V.W., and Rakovan, J., 2009, Source of fluorine and petrogenesis of the Rio Grande Rift-Type barite-fluorite-galena deposits: Economic Geology, v. 104, p. 505-520.
  7. Campbell, A.R., and Lueth, V.W., 2008, Isotopic and textural discrimination between hypogene, ancient supergene, and modern sulfates at the Questa Mine, New Mexico: Applied Geochemistry v. 23 , p. 308-319.
  8. Papike, J.J., Burger, P.V., Karner, J.M., Shearer, C.K., and Lueth, V.W., 2007, Terrestrial analogs of Martian jarosites: Major, minor element systematics and Na-K zoning in selected samples: American Mineralogist, v. 92, p. 444-447.
  9. Lueth, V.W., Rye, R.O. and Peters, L., 2005, “Sour Gas” Hydrothermal jarosite: Ancient to modern acid sulfate mineralization in the southern Rio Grande Rift: Chemical Geology, v. 215, p. 339-360.
  10. Lueth, V.W., Peters, Lisa, and Chamberlin, Richard, 2004, 40Ar/39Ar age dating of hydrothermal manganese mineralization in the Luis Lopez district, New Mexico: New Mexico Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources Bulletin 161, p. 239-249.
  11. Lueth, V.W., Megaw, P.K.M., Pingitore, N.E., and Goodell, P.C., 2000, Systematic variation in galena solid solution compositions at Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico: Economic Geology, , v. 95, pp. 1673-1687.