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Dr. Virgil Lueth

Sponsor of Student Research

  • 2017 Camilo Uribe (NMT E&ES-Ph.D.), Samantha Caldwell (NMT Min Eng-MS), Alexandra Pearce (NMT E&ES-Ph.D.), Katrina Soundy (NMT E&ES-MS), Michael Mathuri (UTEP Geoscience-MS)
  • 2017 Alanna Robison (E&ES, Research Advisor) - Geochronology of alkaline intrusive rocks and its relationship to Fluorite-REE mineralization in the Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico
  • 2016 Philip Simmons (E&ES, Research Advisor) - Temperature constraints and the effect of fluid flow on the formation of the Jones Camp dike and associated rocks, Socorro County, New Mexico
  • 2012 Zachary Vance (E&ES, Research Advisor) - REE Mineralization in the Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico.
  • 2011 Heather Casey – (MS-E&ES, Research Advisor) - Geochemistry of Manganese Oxides and Age of Mineralization at the Santa Eulalia Mining District, Mexico;
  • 2010 Pedro Acosta (MS - Min Eng); Daniel Amaokoh (MS – Min Eng)
  • 2008 Kim Samuels (MS – E&ES research advisor) – Weathering and landscape evolution recorded in supergene jarosite, Red River valley, northern New Mexico; Gabriel Graf (MS – E&ES, research advisor)
  • 2008 Gabriel Graf (MS-E&ES research advisor) - Mineralogical and geochemical changes associated with sulfide and silicate weathering in natural alteration scars, Taos County, New Mexico;
  • 2007 Ismail Ozen (MS – Min. Eng.)
  • 2006 Josh Crook (MS - Min. Eng.); Roshelly Paliza (MS - Min. Eng.)
  • 2005 David Birney - Mineralogy of the El Tesoro deposit, Chile: New Mexico Tech (MS - E&ES)
  • 2005 Dylan Canales - The Akwatia Diamond Field, Ghana, West Aftrica: source rocks: New Mexico Tech (MS Committee - Earth & Environmental Science)
  • 2004 Jason Odette - Quantitative mineralogic evaluation of the transition zone: ore characterization study at the Cerro Colorado Porphyry Cu- (Mo-) Deposit, Region I, northern Chile: New Mexico Tech (MS Committee - Earth & Environmental Science)
  • 2004 Amber McIntosh - Stable isotropic evidence for fluid mixing in the tertiary alkalic-type epithermal Au-Te deposit, Cripple Creek, CO; New Mexico Tech (MS Committee - Earth & Environmental Science)
  • 2003 Jessica Cox - Petrographic and geochemical characteristics of upper mantle xenoliths of the Southwestern United States: New Mexico Tech (MS Committee - Earth &Environmental Science)
  • 2002 Chadwick Eastman – New Mexico Tech - MS Committee -Mineral & Environmental Engineering
  • 2002 Jean-Marc Lambert - Red Bed Copper-Silver Deposits in Bolivia : New Mexico Tech (MS Committee - Mineral Science & Engineering)
  • 2002 C. Wayne Sherwood - A comparison of extracurricular activities in science and engineering – Science Olympiad and Science Fair: New Mexico Tech (MST thesis director).
  • 2002 Abraham Escalante - Geology, alteration and dating of Ojo de Aqua breccia field, Sonora, Mexico , New Mexico Tech (M.S. committee - Mineral Science & Engineering)
  • 2001 Mineralogy and genetic considerations for red-bed hosted Cu±Ag deposits of the Bolivian Altiplano, Cordillera Occidental, Bolivia: Lean-Marc G. Lambert, New Mexico Tech (M.S. committee - Mineral Science & Engineering)
  • 1999 Origin of turquoise mineralization in a phosphatic shale at Orogrande, NM: Josh Crook, BS Student, New Mexico Tech (undergraduate Sr. Thesis directo - Earth 7 Environmental Sciencer).
  • 1998 Gamma-ray characterization of Uranium-series nuclides and its application to the study of the Pena Blanca natural analogue site, Chihuahua, Mexico: Virgina Wong, Ph.D. student, University of Texas at El Paso. (Ph.D. committee - Geosciences)
  • 1993 Geochemical effects of freshwater recharge by the Brazos River on the Hensel Aquifer system, Texas - Independent Study: William Crump, geology major, Tarleton State University.
  • 1992 Statistical relationships of ground water chemistry to subsurface stratigraphy in north-central Texas aquifers - Independent Study: Jeff Stroebel, hydrology major, Tarleton State University.
  • 1991 Aquifer stratigraphy and its relationship to bacteriogenic magnetite occurrences in north-central Texas - Independent Study: Denise Mouldenhauer, hydrology major, Tarleton State University.
  • 1990 Contact metasomatism adjacent to a llanite dike, Llano County, Texas - Independent Study: Virgina Wong, geology major, Tarleton State University.
  • 1989 Submicron magnetite of potential bacterial origin, north-central Texas - Independent Study: Anita Brian, chemistry major, Tarleton State University.