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Virginia T. McLemore
Projects: Mineral Resource Potential

Mineral resources are the naturally occurring concentrations of materials (solids, gas, or liquid) in or on the earth’s crust that can be extracted economically under current or future economic conditions.

The mineral-resource potential of an area is the probability or likelihood that a mineral will occur in sufficient quantities so that it can be extracted economically under current or future conditions, including the occurrence of undiscovered concentrations of metals, nonmetals, industrial materials, and energy resources. The mineral-resource potential is not a measure of the quantities of the mineral resources, but is a measure of the potential of occurrence.

Mineral resource potential reports

Evaluation of mineral-resource potential in New Mexico

Sabinoso Wildeness Area

Mineral-resource Potential of proposed U.S. BLM exchange of lands with New Mexico SLO

Updated May 29, 2021