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Virginia T. McLemore

  • Mineral Resources in New Mexico

  • Critical minerals in New Mexico

    • Rare earth elements (REE) resources in New Mexico

    • Significance of this project: Although NM does not have any economic deposits of REE at this time, the REE deposits in NM are geologically and mineralogically interesting

    REE in Episyenites in NM

      • Geology and geochemistry and tectonic evolution of Cambrian-Ordovician episyenites and carbonatites in New Mexico SUMMARY
      • Significance of the project: Cambrian-Ordovician carbonatites and alkaline rocks intruded the Proterozoic rocks in parts of New Mexico
      • Cambrian–Ordovician magmatism and extension in New Mexico and Colorado, NMBGMR Bull 160
      • Mineralogy, geochemistry and chronology of the Caballo and Burro Mountains REE-bearing episyentes, poster SEG 2014
    • Carbonatites in New Mexico

      • Significance of this project: Carbonatites are found as dikes and are not directly related to a carbonatite pluton or alkaline rocks (unless burried)
      • Lemitar carbonatites, OF-158
    • Cretaceous beach-placer sandstone deposits

      • Significance of this project: REE placer deposits are found throughout geologic history, not just recent times, but their economic potential remains unproven
      • Apache Mesa, Jicarilla Reservation, Open-file report 587
      • Exploration of beach-placer heavy mineraldeposits in the San Juan Basin in New Mexico SME preprint 2016
      • NMGS article
    • Rare Earth Elements (REE) Deposits Associated with Great Plain Margin Deposits (Alkaline-Related), Southwestern United States and Eastern Mexico: Resources

    • Barite and fluorite resources

    • Berylliumm Resources in New Mexico

    • SEG poster
    • Beryllium in New Mexico (OF- 533)
    • Victorio Mountains (OF-459)
    • Apache Warm Springs deposit, Ojo Caliente No. 2 mining district (OF-535)
    • Iron Mountain, Cuchillo mining district
    • Critical minerals in New Mexico

    • Tellurium resources in New Mexico

  • Uranium Resources in New Mexico

    • Presentation at NMMA Sept 2011
    • Geochemistry, geochronology, and evolution of the igneous intrusions and mineralization in southwestern New Mexico
    • Mineral deposits associated with Tertiary alkaline igneous rocks in New Mexico, poster, SEG 2014
    • Mineral Deposits Associated with Tertiary Alkaline Igneous Rocks in New Mexico,SME Preprint 15-084, 2015
  • Geology of the Monticello Canyon (Alamosa Creek), Socorro County, NM ( Ojo Caliente No. 2 district)

  • Geology and geochemistry of Proterozoic mafic and granitic rocks in the Burro Mountains and Little Hatchet Mountains and adjacent areas of southern New Mexico, West Texas, and Arizona

    • Significance of this project: 1200 Ma anorthosites intruded 1400 Ma granites in New Mexico
    • Geology and geochemistry of Redrock-Wild Horse Mesa anorthosite and granites, Grant Co SUMMARY
    • Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 74
    • Geology and geochemistry of Proterozoic rocks in Little Hatchet Mountains
    • Significance of Rapakivi Granites and Comingled Diabase Enclaves and Synplutonic Dikes, Little Hatchet Mountains, New Mexico ABSTRACT
    • Mineral resources Wild Horse Mesa area, Burro Mountains Openfile Report 486
    • Rämö, O.T., Calzia, J.P., McLemore, V.T. and Heikkilä, P., 2016, Mid-Proterozoic evolution of southern Laurentian lithosphere; crustal domains and potassic magmatic suites in Mojavia and Mazatzal; in Lithosphere 2016, Ninth Symposium On The Structure, Composition And Evolution Of The Lithosphere In Fennoscandia Institute Of Seismology: University Of Helsinki, Report S-65, p. 121-124
  • Geology of the State Parks and Monuments (see virtual tour)

  • Environmental geochemistry of mineral deposits in New Mexico, INCLUDING PAPERS AND THESES OF THE QUESTA MOLYBDENUM MINE PROJECT, PECOS, AND AML

    • Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Project--See AML page
    • Lessons learned from mining influenced water studies at the NMBGMR--presentation at the EPA conference, August 2014
    • Abandoned Mine Lands workshop 2018 — OFR-597
  • Sustainability of mining deposits

  • Environmental geochemistry of Lead in New Mexico

  • ADTI (Acid Drainage Technology Initiative)

Updated December 16, 2019