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New Mexico Mineralogical Symposium
Socorro, NM
November 11-13, 2022


John Rakovan pp. 5-6.
Herwig Pleckmans p. 7.
Tom Rosemeyer p. 8.
John A. Jaszczak p. 9.
Ed Raines p. 10.
Phil Persson p. 11.
Mark Ivan Jacobson, Brad Meese, Thomas Cheatham, Joseph Dorris, and Markus Raschke pp. 12-13.
David Stoudt p. 14.
John A. Jaszczak p. 15.
Anna Domitrovic pp. 16-17.
Patrick A. Rowe pp. 18-19.
Ramon S. Demark, Michael Michayluck, and Thomas Katonak pp. 20-21.
Nathalie N. Brandes and Paul T. Brandes pp. 22-24.
Thomas Katonak, Joan Karrie, and David Wells pp. 25-26.