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Bulletin 5 — Geologic Literature of New Mexico

By T. P Wootton, 1930, 127 pages

Superseded by Bulletin 22 which was subsequently superseded by Bulletin 43. Others related Bulletins include: 52, 74, 90, 99, 108, 109, 110, 120, 123, 130, and 151.

This bibliography of literature on New Mexico lists papers, reports, etc., dealing with the geology of the state. Under this head are included physical geology, structural geology, geologic formations, historical geology, physiographic geology, economic geology, mineralogy, petrography and paleontology. Topographic, geologic and geographic maps are given, and articles dealing with records of borings, dams and reservoir sites, and underground water are also included.

Part I, Bibliography, consists of a list of authors and publications. The authors are arranged alphabetically. Under each author's name is given a list of his writings arranged chronologically and numbered serially on that basis. Maps are listed under the individual in charge of the survey or under the publisher or source of issue.

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Superseded by Bulletin 22.
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