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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues


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Volume: 35, 2013

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Volume 35, Number
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  1. P-wave velocity in Precambrian basement (Pg) and P-wave time terms in and around Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico, pp. 95-102.
    Lawrence H. Jaksha
  2. Gallery of Geology - An unusual nautloid from the Pennsylvanian of New Mexico, pp. 103-104.
    Barry S. Kues — [only available in print]
Volume 35, Number 1
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Number: 1

  1. Earthquake catalogs for New Mexico and bordering areas: 2005-2009 (1.12 MB PDF), pp. 3-12.
    Jana Pursley, Susan L. Bilek, and Christine J. Ruhl
  2. Gallery of Geology - Late Triassic pisolites in Socorro County, New Mexico, pp. 21-22.
    Lawrence H. Tanner and Spencer G. Lucas — [only available in print]
Volume 35, Number 2
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Number: 2

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