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Data in this repository supplements published papers in our publications. Please refer to both the published material and the repository documentation before using this data. Please cite repository data as shown in each repository listing.

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Bauer, Paul W.; Johnson, Peggy S., 2010, A rare, large artesian subaqueous spring in the upper Rio Grande, New Mexico Geology, v. 32, no. 1, pp. 26-27, 29.
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Data Description:

Springs in The Rio Grande

Underwater photo of a gravel plume in Lava Tube spring. These dancing plumes consist of rounded river gravel as large as an inch in diameter. Photo by Paul Bauer.

We've put together a slideshow on the giant underwater spring in the Rio Grande in Taos County. You can read about the spring in New Mexico Geology (click the 'Pub Info' link).

The show includes an embedded video of the underwater gravel eruptions in the spring. When the show gets to the movie, you may need to click (or double click, or hit return) on the movie to get it to run.

Click on your preferred link below to download the presentation: 


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