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Donations to the Subsurface Library

Samples & Data

During the past few years we have received donations of more than 11,000 boxes of core from Amoco, Altura, and El Paso Energy. In addition, we have acquired a substantial portion of the Shell Oil Co. New Mexico core formerly stored at Texas Bureau of Economic Geology facilities in Austin, TX and in Midland, TX. We also receive smaller donations of core and cuttings from numerous entities throughout the state, including oil and gas operators, mining companies, and government entities such as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the City of Albuquerque. These donations, as well as our extensive cuttings and log libraries, establish our facility as the premier facility for subsurface geological and oil and gas data for the state of New Mexico. Our staff fields questions from industry geologists and engineers, the general public, and state and federal oil & gas professionals on a daily basis.


Our only substantial source of funds to erect new buildings for core storage is through donations. We hope that you will consider donating money for this worthy purpose in order to preserve New Mexico core within the state and place that core with an organization whose employees understand the use and geology of the core. As a public educational institution, donations may be tax deductible. At present, it costs more than $250,000 to construct a 30 by 100 ft insulated and ventilated steel core building and equip it with sturdy shelving and other necessary equipment. Please help us preserve New Mexico core. Please consider making a donation if you have utilized our facilities and found them useful.

Sample and financial donors to the Subsurface Library include:

  • Amoco Production Company, Denver
  • Altura Energy Ltd.
  • Ceja Corporation
  • Chesapeake Operating
  • Chisos Ltd.
  • Conoco
  • Cross Timbers Operating
  • Cuesta Foundation (Oklahoma)
  • D.J. Simmons, Inc.
  • El Paso Energy - Sonat
  • Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas