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MINES Thermodynamic Database — Workshops

Upcoming Workshops:

Goldschmidt Virtual Workshop: Fluid-rock interaction and ore deposits in the Earth’s crust: coupling of field and experimental methods with numerical modeling

Online: Monday June 28 - Tuesday 29 , 2021, 14:00-20:00 (CET/Paris) – 6am-noon (America/Denver)
Organizers: Alexander P. Gysi (NMT), Nicole Hurtig (NMT), Dan Miron (PSI), Dmitrii Kulik (PSI), Daniel Harlov (GFZ Potsdam)
[Download flyer for registration and other details]

This two-day online workshop includes hands-on tutorials, lectures, and discussions about current numerical thermodynamic modeling methods, the databases required, and the experimental approaches used for studying metal transport associated with fluid-rock interaction in the crust. The goal of this workshop is to link thermodynamic modeling and experimental approaches with examples from natural systems, and bring together a broad community interested in the interpretation of crustal metasomatism and ore-forming processes.

The workshop is intended for graduate students, researchers, and professionals whom want to learn how to apply the GEMS code package ( to geochemical modeling, as well as learn about how to use current experimental methods regarding fluid-rock equilibria to interpret the evolution of natural ore-forming systems at elevated P-T conditions. The GEMS code package is based on Gibbs energy minimization, and provides a user-friendly framework for predicting mass transfer in complex non-ideal systems such as those associated with fluid-rock interaction and oreforming processes.

The workshop will cover: 1) fundamentals of the GEM-Selektor code package and the MINES thermodynamic database for simulating fluid-rock systems; 2) the ThermoEcos ( framework to manage and evaluate large thermodynamic and experimental datasets; 3) an overview of experimental methods to study the stability and mobility of metasomatically induced and altered REE mineral phases in crustal rocks (e.g. monazite, xenotime, apatite, allanite, and titanite); 4) field case studies of metasomatism and associated mineral deposits. Register for this workshop through the conference registration page - please make sure to register for both parts in order to participate on both days! Price: €35 per part / €70 for both parts. For questions please contact Alexander Gysi.

Past Workshops:

An introduction to to thermodynamic modeling of fluid-rock interaction and ore-forming processes using GEMS

Geochemical Society, Online: December 8-9, 2020
Alexander Gysi, Nicole Hurtig, Dan Miron

  • Workshop and tutorial introduction (video)
  • Lecture (video & PDF): Simulation of fluid-rock interaction and ore-forming processes — Alexander Gysi
  • Lecture (video): GEMSFITS and ThermoEcos — Dan Miron

Sponsored by the
National Science Foundation

Alexander Gysi
Economic Geologist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796

Alexander Gysi
Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland, 2010