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Monographs: Bulletins


Notes: Bulletins 129, 136, 139, 144, 148, 155, 158 were assigned to projects but were never published. Also several volumes compiled bibliographic references and were superseded (as noted) by later volumes. [More about bulletins]

Bulletins Listed by Volume Number

Some publications, including those that are out-of-print, are only available for purchase on CD or DVD-ROM CD icon.

Stock# Title Price / Details
B-150 cover Geologic Activities in the 90s - Southwest Section of AAPG 1994, Ruidoso, New Mexico, Ahlen, J.; Peterson, J.; Bowsher, A. L., 1994, 137 pages. $15.00Buy Now
B-151 Bibliography of New Mexico Geology and Mineral Technology, 1987, Love, Jane C.; Hjellming, Carol A.; Click, Tobias M., 1994, 91 pages. $7.50Buy Now
B-152 cover Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geothermometry of Kelley Limestone Jasperoids, Magdalena Mining District, New Mexico, Renault, Jacques, Armstrong, Augustus K.; Repetski, John E.; Oscarson, Robert L., 1995, 50 pages. $8.00Buy Now
B-153 cover Facies, Diagenesis, and Mineralogy of the Jurassic Todilto Limestone Member, Grants Uranium District, New Mexico, Armstrong, Augustus K., 1995, 41 pages. $7.50Buy Now
B-154 cover Proceedings of the 31st Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals - The Borderland Forum, Austin, George S.; Hoffman, G. K.; Barker, J. M.; Zidek, J.; Gilson, N., 1996, 330 pages. $28.50Buy Now
B-156 cover Natural History of El Malpais National Monument, Mabery, Ken, 1997, 185 pages, ISBN: 9781883905019. $24.50Buy Now
B-157 cover Subsurface Geology and Oil and Gas Potential of Estancia Basin, New Mexico, Broadhead, Ronald F., 1997, 54 pages. $15.00Buy Now
B-159 cover Adobe, Pressed-Earth, and Rammed Earth Industries in New Mexico, Smith, Edward W.; Austin, G. S., 1996, 72 pages. (supersedes Bulletin 127) $7.50Buy Now
B-160 cover Tectonics, Geochronology, and Volcanism in the Southern Rocky Mountains and Rio Grande Rift, Cather, Steven M.; McIntosh, William C.; Kelley, Shari A., [eds.], 2004, ISBN: 9781883905217. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-161 cover Geology and Hydrology of Groundwater-Fed Springs and Wetlands at La Cienega, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Johnson, P.S.; Koning, D.J.; Timmons, S.S.; Felix, B., 2016, 92 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-33-0, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand], (PDF file). $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-162 cover Lifetime projections for the High Plains Aquifer in east-central New Mexico, Rawling, Geoffrey C.; Rinehart, Alex J., 2018, 47 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-45-3, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand], (PDF file). 1 appendix (Supersedes OFR-591) $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-163 cover Monitoring effects of wildfire mitigation treatments on water budget components: a paired basin study in the Santa Fe watershed, New Mexico, Amy C. Lewis, 2018, 52 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-47-7, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand], (PDF file). 11 appendices $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-164 cover Climate Change in New Mexico Over the Next 50 Years: Impacts on Water Resources, Dunbar, N.W.; Gutzler, D.S.; Pearthree, K.S.; Phillips, F.M.; Bauer, P.W.; Allen, C.D.; DuBois, D.; Harvey, M.D.; King, J.P.; McFadden, L.D.; Thomson, B.M.; Tillery, A.C., 2022, 218 pages, (PDF file). $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-165 cover Quaternary and Archaeological Geology of the Mescalero Plain, Southeastern New Mexico, Hall, Stephen A.; Goble, Ronald J., 2023, 216 pages, (PDF file). $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)